In Memory of Lt. John H. Waddy,
              Co. D., 32nd Tenn. Inf., CSA
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John's Headstone at                 Resaca
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The Resaca Confederate Cemetery at Resaca, GA is
graced by a beautiful stone entrance and several monuments. The cemetery was started in a flower garden by the daughters of
Col. John F. Green, Mary and Pyatt. The young women dug graves and buried the bodies of the Confederate solders killed during the battle.
The brave soldiers of the Confederacy epitomize the inscription found on the Georgia Monument -

       "We sleep here in obedience to law,
          When duty called, we came,
         When country called, we died."
    Gateway to hallowed ground.

John H. Waddy was the youngest son of James E. and Elizabeth Ransom Waddy.
He was born on May 17, 1830 and grew up on the family farm in the Bethesda Community in Williamson County Tennessee.  He married Mary Elizabeth Orum of Dickson County Tennessee on March 23, 1859.

When the War for Southern Independence broke out, he joined the 32nd Tennessee Infantry in 1861. This regiment was made up of men from Williamson, Lawrence, Giles, Lincoln and Marshall counties.  John was in Cook's Company, commanded by Capt. Edward Cook. Their training was conducted at Camp Trousdale in Sumner County Tennessee under then Colonel Bushrod Johnson.

The 32nd was first engaged at Fort Donelson. After a good first day's fight, the whole army was surrendered by General Buckner to General Grant. John was then steamed north as a prisoner of war to Camp Morton near Indianapolis, IN.  After a little more than six months, John and his fellow soldiers were taken to Vicksburg, MS where they were exchanged. The 32nd was then reorganized in Jackson, MS and John was promoted to 2nd. Lieutenant.

After reorganization, the 32nd was sent to Murfreesboro, TN where they were assigned picket duty with their headquarters at Wartrace, TN. John fought with the 32nd at Rocky Face Ridge and Chickamauga on September 19-20, 1863 where the 32nd, as part of Brown's Brigade, distinguished itself. John's last battle was at Resaca, GA on May 14-15, 1864.

At Resaca, John was in McCaul's Co. D, 32nd TN Inf., Brown's Brigade, Stevenson's Division, Hood's Corps. During this battle, John was wounded and "left in the hands of the enemy." He died from his wounds on May 23, 1864, six days after his thirty-fourth birthday. He is at rest now at the Resaca Confederate Cemetery, his headstone reads "J. H. Woddy, 32nd Regt. Tenn."

John left behind his wife and three daughters.
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Reads "J. H. Woddy, 32nd Regt. Tenn."
Entrance to the Confederate Cemetery at Resaca, GA
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