The Middle Tennessee Waddey's
Lt. John Waddy
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The 32nd Tennessee Infantry, CSA
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Clipart courtesy of Chris Tramel - Savage/Goodner Camp 1513
My Middle Tennessee Waddey's are decended from the Englishman, John Waddy, who settled in Northumberland County, Virginia in the early 1600's. The Waddey name is found in many court records and land documents. The Waddey's were prominent in the county and held county offices.

James Waddey, a veteran of the War of 1812, moved from Virginia to Granville County, North Carolina, to Williamson County, in middle Tennessee in 1820. The Waddey family grew around the Bethesda, Cross Keys and Cool Springs communities in southeast Williamson County. They were farmers, chair and furniture makers, coffin makers, blacksmiths and wagon makers.

The Waddey's are no longer in Bethesda, however many of the old family gravesites still remain. 

Ironically, the Waddeys and my Ryan and Davis family lived within 2 miles of each other in the late 1800's.

I am fortunate to have relatives who are as concerned as I in preserving our family heritage. My cousin John H. Waddey has authored a book, "The Waddey's of Williamson County Tennessee." It can be read at the Tennessee State Archives and contains a wealth of information on other Waddeys, as well as ours.
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