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Confederate States of America
Lt. John Waddy
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Battle of Resaca
The 32nd Tennessee Infantry, CSA
About the Waddy's
A Tribute to Confederate Soldiers

" Those ranks were filled with men, who, honestly before God, took their lives in their hands and defended their State and country from invasion; their firesides from rapine and death, and for those principles of home-rule and constitutional government without which republics cannot exist.

We should stand with uncovered heads and drop tears of appreciation upon the graves of the private soldiers, who, without hope of glory or reward except that prompted by patriotism, gave up their lives for their country. Battles are won by private soldiers; they mount the breastworks, stand in the trenches, take the long, weary marches, capture the batteries, and--die."   (J. W. Morton)
2nd Lt. John H. Waddy - Co. D, 32nd TN Inf.
Killed at the Battle of Resaca, GA
 Serving in  Co. F, 4th (Starnes-McLemore's) TN Cav.

Sgt. William C. Waddy, Pvt. Mark Lyle Andrews, Jr. - Wounded at Parker's Crossroads, Pvt. John T. Waddy, Pvt. James Abner Morton and Pvt. John Thomas Waddy.
Ancestors and Kinfolk Who Served

George Andrews - Pvt., 4th (Starnes-Mclemore's)  TN  Cav. - Killed at Parker's Crossroads
Will George Andrews - Pvt., 4th (Starnes-Mclemore's)  TN  Cav. - Captured at Sevierville, TN
B. B. Andrews - Pvt., 4th (Starnes-Mclemore's) TN Cav. - Wounded and captured at Parker's Crossroads
Ham Andrews - Pvt., 4th (Starnes - McLemore's)  TN Cav.
Tom Andrews - Pvt., 4th (Starnes - McLemore's)  TN  Cav. - Captured and escaped at Sevierville, TN
Randolph Barnett - Pvt., Co. H. 14th Alabama Inf.
John P. Barnett - Pvt., Co. A.  1st Alabama Inf.  
Glenn Barnett - Pvt., Co. C & F,  47th  Alabama Inf.
John Barnett - Pvt., Co. A, 1st  Alabama Inf.
Thomas W. Barnett - Pvt., Co. A, 1st  Alabama Inf.
William C. Barnett - Pvt., Co. A & F, 1st  Alabama Inf.
George Washington Davis - Pvt., Co. H  14th   Alabama Inf.  -  Killed 1862 
Samuel H. Davis - Pvt., Co. H.  1st  Alabama Inf. 
James A. Davis - Pvt., Co. A, 1st   Alabama Inf.
William W. Davis - Pvt., Co. I, 37th  Alabama Inf.
Joseph G. Davis - Pvt., Co. A, 17th  Alabama Inf.
John Daniel Davis - Pvt., Co. G & H, 21st   Alabama Inf.
James Thompson Dodd - Pvt., Co. E, 2nd GA  Cav., Iverson's  Brigade  
John  Daniel Dodd - Pvt., Co. E., 27th GA  Inf. 
George McDuffie Dodd - Pvt., Co. E., 27th GA  Inf. 
Asa L. Dodd - Sgt., Co. E., 27th GA  Inf.
Thomas Edward Dodd - Pvt., Co. E., 27th GA  Inf.  -  Killed July 5, 1862
John Thomas Dodd - Pvt., Co. E, 27th  GA  Inf.
Garret Van Evans - Pvt., Co. H,  11th  MO  Inf.
Joseph Greer - Pvt., Co. D, 34th  Alabama Inf.
George Washington Greer - Pvt., Co. H, 14th  Alabama Inf.
George W. Glymph - Pvt., Co. E. 6th TN  Inf.   
George W. Patterson - Pvt., 2nd TN  Cav.  Co. G , Ashby's Tennessee Brigade  
Matthew Jordan Peters - Pvt., Co. H, 47th AL  Inf.
William Thomas Pounds - Pvt., Co. C.  1st  Battalion  Alabama Artillery
John Marion Pounds - Pvt., Co. K.  11th Alabama Inf.
Riley J. Rush - Pvt., Co. A, 1st  Alabama Inf.
Benjamin F. Rush - Pvt., Co. B & D, 45th Alabama Inf.
John William Sledge - Pvt., Co. A, 45th Tennessee  Inf.  
John William Turner - Pvt., Co. H,  60th Tennessee  Mounted Inf.
J. M. Peach - Pvt., Co. D., 32nd Tennessee Inf. - Killed at Battle of Resaca, GA
George Waddy - Pvt., Co. I, 6th Georgia Inf., 2nd Battalion - Paroled at Appomattox
James E. Waddy - Pvt., New Co. C, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Artillery, 9th Georgia Light Inf.
Charles S. Waddy - Pvt., New Co. C, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Artillery
John P. Waddy- 3rd Sgt., Co. G, 23rd Virginia Inf. - Killed at Chancellorsville
John R. Waddy - Lt. Col., Chief Ordinance Officer, Beauregard's Staff
James C. Waddy - Capt., General Staff Officer
Nelson Waddy - Pvt., Co. A, 23rd Virginia Inf. - Captured at Gettysburg
George R. Waddy - Capt., Co. A, 55th Virginia Inf., - Killed at Gettysburg
George T. Waddy - Pvt., Co. G, 23rd Virginia Inf. - Captured at Spotsylvania
W. Waddy - Pvt., Mosby's Virginia Cav., Partisan Rangers, formerly 43rd Mosby's Battalion
William B. Waddy - Pvt., Co. D, 9th Virginia Cavalry
W. W. Waddy - Pvt., The Louisa Grays, Co. D, 23rd Regiment of Virginia Inf.
William Waddy - Pvt., Co. H, 47th Tennessee Infantry
William Kimbrough Waddy - Killed at Battle of Murfreesboro
Robert Kimbrough Waddy - Killed at Battle of Murfreesboro
Henry Waddy - Pvt., Co. F, 27th Tennessee Infantry

Clipart courtesy of Chris Tramel - Savage/Goodner Camp 1513
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Thomas Alexander Davis - Pvt., 1st  Alabama Calvary, Allen's Alabama Brigade  
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