Thirty-Second Tennessee Infantry

From "Military Annals of Tennessee – Confederate"

Ten companies were formed into the 32nd regiment, and offered their services formally to the Confederate Government for twelve months. These companies were from the counties of Giles, Lincoln, Lawrence, Marshall, Williamson, and Franklin and were offered as follows:

Cook’s company, (Co. D) Williamson county; Ed. Cook, Captain; Jacob H. Morton, First Lt.; Robert F. McCaul, Second Lt.; Thomas Banks, Brevet Second Lt.

Moore’s company, (Co. C) Lawrence county; William P. Moore, Captain; Thomas D. Davenport, First Lt.; William D. Anderson, Second Lt.; R. F. Bosham, Brevet Second Lt.

Winstead’s company, (Co. B) Giles county; John M. Winstead, Captain; Thomas Abernathy, First Lt.; James H. Cook, Second Lt.; Field Arrowsmith, Brevet Second Lt.

Worley’s company, (Co. F) Giles county; Willis Worley, Captain; Joseph Young, First Lt.; W. R. Collins, Second Lt.; David S. Harmand, Brevet Second Lt.

Hannah’s company, (Co. H) Giles county; John W. Hannah, Captain; John L. Brownlow, First Lt.; G. W. Hammond, Brevet Second Lt.

Tucker’s company, (Co. A) Lincoln county; Calaway G. Tucker, Captain; Joel Pigg, First Lt.; Harris Tucker, Second Lt.; Carroll Ellis, Brevet Second Lt.

Finney’s company, (Co. I) Lincoln county; J. J. Finney, Captain; W. P. A. Green, First Lt.; John M Wright, Second Lt.; J. P. McGuire, Brevet Second Lt.

Hunnicutt’s company, (Co. E) Giles county; W. H. Honnicutt, Captain; Miller Bass, First Lt.; G. B. Reasons, Second Lt.; Robert F. Holland, Brevet Second Lt.

O’Neal’s company, (Co. G) Marshall county; William P. O’Neal, Captain; Jasper Smiley, First Lt.; Calvin Coffey, Second Lt.; Frank Hall, Brevet Second Lt.

Ikord’s company, (Co. K) Franklin county; ----Ikord, Captain; Orville Bell, First Lt.; William Marsh, Second Lt.; Burt McFinn, Brevet Second Lt.

The field officers were then chosen by ballot, resulting in the election of Captain Edmund C. Cook as Colonel; Capt. William P. Moore, Lt-colonel; and William J. Brownlow, Major.

The staff officer were: Capt. John T. Sheppard, Quartermaster; Capt. E. Shields Wilson, Commissary; Drs. E. M. Waters and James F. Grant, Surgeons; H. Lee Custer, Assistant Surgeon; Calvin Jones, Adjutant; and Thomas Moore, Sergeant-Major; James S. Finley, Chaplain.

This was the regiment organization until General Buckner surrendered the army at Fort Donelson.

The regiment remained in prison for approximately six months after the surrender. They were then exchanged at Vicksburg, MS and ordered to rendezvous at Jackson, MS, where the regiment was reorganized about October 1, 1862.

The companies then elected officers as follows:

Cook’s company: Jake Morton, Captain; Robert F. McCaul, First Lt.; Thomas Banks, Second Lt.; John Waddy, Brevet Second Lt.

Moore’s company: Thomas D. Davenport, Captain; William Anderson, First Lt.; R. F. Bosham, Second Lt.; James White, Brevet Second Lt.

Winstead’s company: Field Arrowsmith, Captain; ----Bunch, First Lt.; N. A. Young, Second Lt.; Green Bunch, Brevet Second Lt.

Worley’s company: Jos. Young, Captain; W. R. Collins, First Lt.; David S. Hannon, Second Lt.; William Summers, Brevet Second Lt.

Hannah’s company: John L. Brownlow, Captain; Fred. Fogg, First Lt.; G. W. Hammond, Second Lt.

Tucker’s company: C. G. Tucker, Captain; Joel F. Pigg, First Lt.; Harris H. Tucker, Second Lt.; Carroll Ellis, Brevet Second Lt.

Finney’s company: W. A. Summers, Captain; John M. Wright, First Lt.; John E. Smith, Second Lt.

Hunnicutt’s company: Jacob M. Bass, Captain; G. B. Reasons, First Lt.; Robert F. Holland, Second Lt.

O’Neal’s company: Frank Hall, Captain; Jasper Smiley, First Lt.; Calvin Coffee, Second Lt.; Jos. Sanford, Brevet Second Lt.

Ikord’s company: John D. Clark, Captain; William Marsh, First Lt.; Burt McFinn, Second Lt.

The companies then re-elected Ed. Cook as Colonel and made Capt. Wm. P. O’Neal, Lt-Colonel and Capt. J. P. McGuire, Major.

The new staff was as follows: Capt. John Sheppard, Quartermaster; Drs. James F. Grant and Thomas J. Reid, Surgeons; Dr. Lewis S. Freeman, Assistant Surgeon; Lt. R. A. Irvin, Adjutant; David S. Bodenhammer, Sgt.-Maj; Luther W. McCord, Quartermaster Sergeant; George M. Brownlow, Commissary Sergeant; David D. Maney, Ordinance Sergeant; Dr. Mark Allsion, Hospital Steward.

*** This summary was taken from pages 469 – 484 of "The Military Annals of Tennessee – Confederate", Broadfoot Publishing Company, ISBN No. 1-56837-310-4, Vol. 1